Friday, April 6, 2012

Where have I been and why am I here?

Where have I been for the past two weeks? Walking in the sunshine and enjoying the glorious flowers in my yard? Spring cleaning? Taking care of all my responsibilities at home and church?
No. I've been sitting in my office doing heavy edits on two books. And I'm whupped.
Going over something you wrote for the second, third or fourth time is a real energy zapper. But I have learned to love the editing process almost as much as I love writing. Once I got it through my skull that editing is just another way to write, it got a lot better.
The progress so far is a really clean copy of my LDS romance called Magnolia in the Snow which went out to beta readers yesterday.  And I'm almost done with a complete rewrite of Snarky and Sweet's sequel which might be called Sassy and Sweet or not.
A whole ton of stuff including taxes has been ignored and I'm hoping today to do a lot of it. I have a big trip to Texas coming up next week.
And I'm going to Texas because my darling Naomi is having her Thesis Art Show to finish up her Master's program in Fiber Arts. If you're not familiar with her work, click on her name and check out her website and blog. She's been doing some amazing work.
In Texas I also get to see all my children and their families. The Utah family of eight is moving to Texas. And, of course, all the others live there already.
So the question remains, if all of my children and their families are in Texas, why am I here in PA?