Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Kindle Author Now Owns a Kindle

It's official!  After several months of doing very well as a Kindle author, I took the plunge. It didn't hurt that Staples had a $40 dollar rebate going and that I had $40 dollars' worth of Staples credit. I went with the 3G which turned out to be very wise since the Wi-Fi in our house is unpredictable at best.

Surprisingly, both Michael and I (both bibliophiles) love the thing. It's quite fun to play with and very easy to read. And since we are in the process of doing some big-time downsizing, this little device is making us feel much more comfortable getting rid of old paperbacks we used in college English classes. Thanks to Project Gutenberg, we can download all those nineteenth century novels for free. There are also a ton of P. G. Wodehouse novels in the public domain and they're available at Gutenberg as well. Eventually, I suppose, we will get around to actually buying a book on Kindle.

The world is changing  in book publishing today and this little e-book thing is going to be like a small snowball rolling down a mountain.

As I told those wonderful folks who came to hear me speak at a recent Back Mountain Library luncheon, books are not going away. But e-readers aren't either. This is going to be interesting.

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