Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Music

I'm steeped in Civil War music these days.The progress on my Civil War book included fun research at the Danville Iron Heritage Festival. Look at the bands I got to hear!
Dodworth Saxhorn Band of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Excelsior Cornet Band of New York from Syracuse, New York

The 2nd South Carolina String Band
These three bands are beyond amazing. The Dodworth can be found on the web here: and they stream music all the time.

The Excelsior Cornet Band has this site:
Their E flat cornet player, Jeff Stockham, is a great treasure. Their music was beautiful.

 The 2nd South Carolina String Band is here on the net:
Note their web address. They are one of the best known civil war music groups in the country. Their music is what might have been heard around the campfire. An outstanding group.

So that was my experience at the Danville Iron Heritage Festival. I'm really getting close to finishing up the book proposal. I cannot wait to start writing this book!

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