Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who would have guessed it would be the Civil War?

Who would have guessed that my chosen topic would be the Civil War? I'm not much of a war history buff. I'm more about biography and social history. But when Michael joined the Hazleton Liberty Band which has been in continuous existence since before the Civil War, I just couldn't find out enough. So the topic's not so much the war but the bands and the music of the Civil War.
Now I know I want to share this information with kids. I've been thinking about this book for several years.
I got such a good response from two editors at the nonfiction conference a few weeks ago, that it's full steam ahead now. And this weekend, I'm off to the Danville Iron Heritage Festival which will emphasize the Civil War period. There will be four of these wonderful reenactor bands present. Can't wait!

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